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Poll: Spelling and Typos and Grammar, Oh My!

My current book (one of about a dozen I've started and left unfinished over the past five months), Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose has inspired me to create poll.

I've always thought my spelling at least above average and my speech to be grammatically correct other than a few common slang-based mistakes that make language more comfortable to those around me. Of course, I try always to be grammatically correct in my writing unless I'm writing dialogue.

Poll #126376 Are You a Grammar Nazi?

What is your most common spelling error (a word that you should know how to spell but with which you still have problems)?

What is your most common typographic error?

What is your most common grammar mistake (I suppose you'd have to be aware that it was a mistake in the first place)?

Do you even care about grammar? Why?

Do you have an questions about grammar that you wish could be explained more simply?

Do you correct other people's grammar?


Do you get angry when someone corrects you about your grammar?


Do you excuse some grammar mistakes in speech that you would flay in text?


Please give an examples to previous question if you answered yes.

Do you secretly have a lower opinion of people who frequently have errors in their spelling, typing or grammar? Or is this disdain not so secret? :)

*cringe* I hope I didn't make any glaring mistakes within the poll.

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