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Poll: Spelling and Typos and Grammar, Oh My! - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Poll: Spelling and Typos and Grammar, Oh My!
My current book (one of about a dozen I've started and left unfinished over the past five months), Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose has inspired me to create poll.

I've always thought my spelling at least above average and my speech to be grammatically correct other than a few common slang-based mistakes that make language more comfortable to those around me. Of course, I try always to be grammatically correct in my writing unless I'm writing dialogue.

Poll #126376 Are You a Grammar Nazi?

What is your most common spelling error (a word that you should know how to spell but with which you still have problems)?

What is your most common typographic error?

What is your most common grammar mistake (I suppose you'd have to be aware that it was a mistake in the first place)?

Do you even care about grammar? Why?

Do you have an questions about grammar that you wish could be explained more simply?

Do you correct other people's grammar?


Do you get angry when someone corrects you about your grammar?


Do you excuse some grammar mistakes in speech that you would flay in text?


Please give an examples to previous question if you answered yes.

Do you secretly have a lower opinion of people who frequently have errors in their spelling, typing or grammar? Or is this disdain not so secret? :)

*cringe* I hope I didn't make any glaring mistakes within the poll.

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thomas_rain From: thomas_rain Date: April 21st, 2003 10:16 am (UTC) (link)
I've always subscribed to the all or nothing approach of disclosure. I don't have a "friends" list, even though I do have several livejournals I read, and respond to periodically. One time I tinkered with the password, security options... but it is too much of a fucking hassle, and too easy to break through for me to waste my time with. My journal is put up thinking everyone on earth will read it, and expecting that no one will - which, as you can see by the ultimate lack of responses on mine... is often the case.

So yes, I'd love to be added to your list... Though I'm not sure how that will work, as I've never knowingly been on one before - will all the other posts just appear? Do I have to rub a magic lamp?

As to the thoughtful, commentary on life... I have seen a little bit of it here and there, but for the most part I just see shit. Unbelievable, Remarkable, Unadulterated Shit. And if I get going on it, this post will be entirely too long for it's purpose, so I'm going to cut myself short on that subject. Hopefully you are right, and the cookie jar is just locked up and hidden where I can't find it.
lost_angel From: lost_angel Date: April 21st, 2003 01:41 pm (UTC) (link)
Hopefully you'll check back here for my response.

I've added you to my list. The journal entries will be shown when you log in and view my journal or your friends page have listed me as a friend.

I can appreciate your shamelessness about your journal. Unfortunately, I don't have the anonmity that most people can claim when they start an online journal. I started my journal as a communication device while I was overseas so that I could avoid exhaustive, individualized emails and simply share information, insight, and pictures with friends and family stateside. Of course, while I did ask some to stop reading my journal when I returned and the subject matter became more personal, it did leave some people thinking I was keeping something from them (I was!). I now use my journal mainly for encouraging myself to write as often as possible, to keep in touch with friends, to increase political awareness (friends post very helpful links and bring up issues I'd otherwise not have heard about), and to read enriching fiction and nonfiction pieces.

By protecting some entries, I want to gracefully avoid paternal familial conflict with reference to religion, sex, or lifestyle choices. I know that that omittance of truth is just another form of dishonesty, which does make me feel slightly guilty by hinding some information.

I have a lot of reading to cover in your journal. I'd like to go back and read old entries when I have time.

As for normal journal tripe, I agree; it is rampant. The entire concept of an online journal is a flagrantly arrogant one, entirely self-absorbed and thick with morning mouth scum. The worst is quizes, worse the Cosmo variety. I have become very selective of what I read and what I give my attention/time to. The only thing I can do to make my journaling experience (wow that sounds like marketing garble) is to both better to writing I am not promising that my journal or the recommendations that I listed in your comments page will be any different from the typical angsty, please-pay-attention-to-me gobbledygook. I can only pretend be uncaring of other people's judgements of both my subject matter and my writing, but I do hope that the reading you find (in my journals and others) is worth re-evaluating your opinion of other journals and give you ideas of how to use your own (not that you didn't have your own ideas beforehand :).
2 Voices in a Chorus | Lift Your Voice Aloft