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I'm chillin' at my friend Jennifer's house in Corinth, MS. Only an hour and a half from Oxford, but it's much much different. It's nice to sit on soft carpet and just chat. Jenn's trying to get me back into AC again (Asheron's Call). I admit I've had a little bit of fun learning new spells and talking to some old friends. However, I've got much more important things on my mind.

I might not graduate this August like I had been planning to for the past year. That means unless my advisor works something out, I'll be spending another semester stuck in Oxford, writing my senior thesis and making up the seven hours of classes that I'm lacking. They can be any classes, doesn't matter, Nail-Polishing 306 or Snagging-a-Husband 411, as long as it's above the 300 level. It's all my fault, too. I had completely taken for granted that I had taken enough advanced courses over the past four years and would have 42 hours at 300 or above to graduate. Alan, my whirlwind badass advisor who is a so-concern-about-everyone miracle-worker (and also extremely busy), is looking into some independent or correspondence classes that I can take. However, there's no way I can do all those and write my 40-80 page senior thesis in just a little over a month. Bleh, bleh, and more bleh.

Headed to Matt's for the weekend and have absolutely no money. I even broke down and charged my gasoline for the way to Corinth. That's the first time I've used my credit cards in 6 months. I almost cried because I had been trying so hard to not charge anything so I could pay them off more quickly. Bah, bah, and more bah.

I admit, despite the no money, no job, more classes, no Matt, annoyed with boring Oxford friends (not Everraven, I've actually had a blast living with her this short time, thanks Raven :), I am having fun. A lot of fun. Too bad my friends are spread out all over the place and I only get to seem on the rare chance I go to Jackson or SOLAR...

...which I'm going to this weekend, even though I have no money. I know it's stupid, more debt, it's not even a game I care about that much at present, I just want it to be fun again...

...and mainly I just want to see Matt.

bad, bad and more bad ginger

It's sad: I actually am much better off on my own. When I'm single, I work harder, am more disciplined, don't have to worry about hurting him, have more time to hobbies, am more happy-go-lucky. But that whole completely-in-love thing means I've gonna have to find some way to work harder, be more disciplined, more happy-go-lucky with him.

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