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Not So Quick Update

My great uncle Leon is in the hospital with collection of illnesses and difficulties (diabetes, emphazema, fluid on the lungs, congestive heart trouble from last fall). He's very old and his wife has already passed away several years ago. He'll be in the hospital at least til Saturday while they monitor him on a new set of medicines. He's one of one of the best, care for everybody, dedicated, do-good, men I know and I will miss him greatly if he dies. If things start to look worse, I'll have to travel to Hattiesburg over the weekend for a gloomy mother's day. *looks at the stack of cards in front of her on the desk*

I ordered a spiffy new keyboard since mine got thirsty and drank half a coke that I spilled on it. I gave it a bath in the sink and put it all back together, but it's not as smooth as it was before (cheap, good buy) since it has lost it's factory precision assembly (*tips hat to Angry Rooster then kicks him in the shin*).

There is a big quest tonight in AC that I plan to attend, one I thought I'd never get to do. I'll be occupied with that tonight.

House is still a wreck. Can't put it off any longer.

Sleep has been a rollercoaster without any pattern lately, long stretches of deprivation and then unintentional binge sleeping for ten hours or more. The worst part is not being able to get much done because I'm so sleepy all the time or when I finally wake up, I'm at a loss as to what to start on first.

The cats both have some sort of skin irritation and hair loss (either from the irritation or from their licking it off). I don't know if it's worth going to the vet about or not. The last time I took them, he told me that it was just an allergic reaction to fleas. He gave them some sort of shot and it went away for a couple weeks. However, the irritation came back (or at least I started to notice it) on the same day as when I applied their back-of-the-neck-monthly-flea stuff. I can't afford to keep taking them back to the vet. They both just got over severe congestion and colds from the move (which might have been an allergic reaction to the dust or a bug that they both shared). I suppose I worry too much because Sebastion was so sick as a kitten and I don't want something that was as bad their colds have been to degenerate into something worse, like pneumonia. And perhaps this skin thing isn't an allergy and something contagious and bad for them? I don't want splotchy-haired, miserable cats. Someone with cats have any recommendations?

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