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Update - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
I've been really frustrated with how my time disappears while I'm at the computer lately so I'm spending time not at the computer.

My mother, sister, and grandmother are coming to visit this weekend, thus, I must vacuum, sweet, mop, wash sheets, wash dishes, wash clothes, put away clothes, go through the office closet, buy an art/sewing table for my bedroom, and go through old clothes to pack them in the available closet space.

Windchaser.org has a new host, khay.net. I need to go fix some old links since none of the shasradio and shasticon.org links will be working (since I liked to give a least a little credit to my host). Now that it's up again, I can link some of those pictures I was talking about in the last entry.

I've had a lot to write recently, I just haven't had the will to sit at the computer long enough to write it. Forgive my absence from livejournal. I do miss you guys.

mood: headachy for lunch
music: Peggy Lee = "Cry Me a River"

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