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A Wolf at My Door

And Sebastian in zordac's chair before we reconfigured the office (which makes much better use of space now). Picture selection as per everraven's request.

Fun with ICQ
zordac was expecting a gig of memory to arrive today from

[11:14] ginger: Oh! What's that?! I think I hear a knocking...
[11:14] ginger: It must be the big scary wolf outside my door!
[11:15] ginger: Could it be? Could it be he's come to eat me?
[11:15] ginger: ::gasp:: He's wearing a Fed Ex uniform. Oh I love wolves in uniform!
[11:16] ginger: Oh look! He's brought me a present. I wonder if there are cookies inside...
[11:16] ginger: ::shakes the box:: You know, I hear the best way to check box-innards is to smash it with a hammer!!
[11:16] ginger: ::pulls a five-foot sledge-hammer out of her pocket:: Let's see what's in this thing...
[11:20] jimmy.palmer: NOOOOOOO!!!!!, wait, it might be a bomb
[11:22] ginger: Oh god! A bomb! I'll take it outside and throw it in a puddle to defuse it.
[11:23] jimmy.palmer: no,no, some bombs have reagents that are sensitive to water, that might set it off
[11:24] ginger: ::stops, confused:: Milk? I could fill the tub up with milk!
[11:24] jimmy.palmer: lactose is a bad acid....would not be pretty
[11:25] ginger: Fine, I'll bury it in dirty cat litter and it will weigh the bomb down.
[11:30] jimmy.palmer: Oh dear, think of what the clean up will be like if it does explode......maybe, you should open my computer case, stick it in there, close the computer case back up....that way, the metal case will contain the explosion?
[11:31] ginger: What a novel idea. I'll make the cats do it, right away.
[11:32] jimmy.palmer: Sweet, make sure they wear paw mittens

Time for lunch.

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