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The Farm

Procrastination...Glad to know that there is one steadfast characteristic about me that will never change (/sarcasm).

I have two years worth of cleaning to do in five hours. Time to turn up the techno, lace up my sneakers, and start dancing with the mop.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my father's family's farm house. It's about 120 years old (the previous one burned to the ground, as is common before the Smokey the Bear campaign :) and has been remodeled and added on to in various carnations over the years. This is just the front of the house that faces the railroad tracks, and of course, Gamaw's azaleas in August.

Nearly everyone but my father's branch lives on the farm (except the three grandchildren who have scattered), in their own house within a few hundred yards of the main house. I think it may have been a shotgun house before the upstairs was added and the stairway took up part of the hall space because there's a long, wide hall that runs through it (minus the kitchen area that was added in the 1910's maybe?) and full-door, exterior door at the other end of the hallway, with rooms opening on either side with full access to the breeze that would be piped through it when the doors were opened.

I've been trying to skrink the images to a 500-pixel width. If this futzing with the lay-out of anyone's friends page, leave a comment and I'll try 400-width for a while.

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