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It's cool to be a nerd. - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
It's cool to be a nerd.
I am very thankful for shows like "The Crocodile Hunter" and "The Jeff Corwin Experience" on the Animal Planet Network. The hosts of these shows are television stars, appear around the clock on multiple networks, and even have action figures made of them. But what's even better is that they are fully, and unquestionably, nerds! I love that now it's cool to be a nerd, a geek, a person who is smart enough and educated enough to know what they're talking about. More and more shows as of late are depicting people who are humorous, captivating, respectable, awe-inspiring, but who are also geeks!

You no longer have to be just good looking and sexy to get your own t.v. show. You don't have to be sexual or provocative to get attention. You can be yourself, be dirty from crawling around the jungle, be a bookworm, be a geek.

Perhaps this can be linked to the prevalence and importance of the internet in communication, education, and information, or the new value of CGI in movies and other forms of entertainment. Before everyday, mundane, normal people started using the net, it was inhabited and designed by nerds, the outskirts of society, the ones who often turned to computers and roleplaying to fill the void that had been left by social ostracism. And even today, the web is still controlled and run predominantly by the nerds.

And now, as geeks, the possessors of m@d, l33t skillz (I don't really know how to talk like this) become necessary to make movies, design web pages, put together office and home computers become more common, so does their prevalence in normal society. More and more people can now claim to being different, unpopular, can relate to the torture of junior high and high school. Even the popular kids have to prove they are different, individuals, unlike the norm.

It's now cool to be different, cool to be a geek, to wear Lisa Loeb thick-rimmed glasses, to be a vegetarian, to design web pages, to listen to obscure trance techno. It's just small steps, but we are now closer to a time when roleplaying, playing Trivial Pursuit, being a programmer, and playing computer games is cool. Heh, consoling gaming is already the ultimate of being cool according to young adults. There will always be the outskirts of weird, things that are cool to some people and not to others but it's interesting to watch the convergence between what used to be socially unacceptable and what is now socially the norm.

It's a good time to be a geek.

Or at least it seems that way.

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