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Super Ewwy Factor

I stepped on a roach, in my bare feet, in the dark, on the way to the bedroom, crawled in bed, and didn't notice until I wondered why the ball of my foot was tingling as if it were asleep.

I reached down to rub the skin awake and my fingers came back with roach legs and shell on them.

I gasped, lept out of bed, ran to the bathtub, reached down and threw Sebastian out of the bathtub where he'd been drinking out of a water cup I leave for them, wrenched the water on full-blast, and rinsed my feet under the faucet, looking around to make sure there weren't any abrasions where roach cooties might have gotten past the skin.

So weird that it would tingle like that as if it had been stung...

I can handle roaches. Everyone has roaches. What bothers me is that we hardly ever had them until we got our new semi-neighbor on the right when the Ewings moved all of us. I think the roaches might be coming from their place.

Ugh, now I'm triple squeamish and can't sleep. I'm slapping the light switch on before I inch sideways into any room to make sure I can see where I'm putting my feet. And I was just getting more comfortable about walking around in the dark...

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