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I've also decided that all relationships should come with an idiot light. This idiot light functions just as the idiot light of a car would, to let the user know when something needs to be repaired or perhaps informs the user when something is so fucked that they just need to get the hell out of the car before it explodes in a gigantic eruption of pyrotechnics and drama.

Sometimes you can sense problems, sometimes you even try to work them out. If you're me, you usually give almost anything a second shot because you want it to work out, think it's only fair, don't want to hurt feelings, don't want to waste the investment of time, heart, effort, and money. However, this little creeping feeling nags at you, tells you there is something majorly wrong, that no matter what you do or the other person does, it's still not going to work out. And you should just save yourself the misery, should try to be happy alone rather than never be happy with the person you love.

Note: This does not have anything to do with my current relationship with Matt. It was just something both funny and true that I often think of. Just letting you guys know that while this is person, it is not necessarily a way of expressing the problems I'm having with Matt.

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