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September Birthdays

We'll probably be celebrating Julie's birthday tonight (Friday) but going to dinner and perhaps playing cards or doing whatever it is that Julie likes to do afterwards or on Saturday so more people can come who couldn't come on Friday.

Two more birthdays that are coming up on the 10th are kesterly and navydave.

I'm asking the birthday people (with any luck they'll see it in time to tell me by next weekend) what they want to do to celebrate. I suppose my participation in navydave's plans depend on whether or not he'll be up in Oxford again. kesterly just needs to tell me what she wants to do, because she's nearby. You guys let me know so I can at least help you celebrate as well as I can.

And for a bit of short-lived nostalgia, does anyone remember an old ABC television show called Covington Cross with Ione Skye and Glenn Quinn? I only caught a couple of shows in the only season that ever aired, even though I wanted to see more of it, especially as the medieval-phile teeny-bopper that I was. Now I'm just an adult (not exactly grown-up, though) medieval-phile.

Covington Cross stars

Oddly, I think another livejournal b'day this month belongs to angel925, but you're too far away to celebrate with. Please accept my well-wishes though :)

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