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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy The Spirits Within is fantastic, wonderful, exciting, thrilling, well-written, had good character development, interesting, all that jazz.

End Disclaimer

But I just have to say...I didn't realize I was going to see Ben Afleck and Bridget Fonda star in Ghostbusters.

And the computer animation was just...just...just fucking wow! The only complaint I had was movement of the lips, they were too rigid and perhaps didn't follow the correct motions from the muscles underneath. Everything else was just absolutely amazing.

Sitting at Glover's and Mandis's house, responding to some age-old email since I am Satan's gift to correspondence, even in the electronic age when email is so easy. I just have to make myself sit down and do it all at once. I had a little bit of a major mood swing early in the evening, but I reasoned my way out of it and I'm cool with it now.

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