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Announcements: Birthday and Poker

And first, Happy birthday to alcamar!

We'll be taking him out to dinner for his birthday (which is today) on Friday night (which is tomorrow October 17th, I've been having trouble with dates lately), probably around 7 PMish followed by fun of some kind or another. Invitation is open.

And now, a poem, best read in a 3rd grade sing-song voice, because I am notorious for making up new words to the traditional birthday song and leaving the new songs in voice mail boxes and answering machines of unsuspecting birthday victims (even though they should suspect me for doing it, since I do it to them every single year):

Happy birthday to you.
You should check under your shoe.
There might be some glue.
Happy birthday to you.

And now, Poker!

When: Saturday, November 1st, the day after Halloween (yeah yeah, I know, but you guys were all busy on the other weekends) there will be the second installment of the TOSRPTMS - The Official Semi-Regular Poker Tournament of Mississippi (as appropriately named by prodigalson).

Next verse, same as the first: Doors open at noon. Check-in starts at 1 PM. Play starts at 2 PM. Don't be late.

Bring: $20 for buy-in and $7 for food (since we're all eating in this time to make sure we don't go too late) and sodas (which are the most expensive, if you don't plan on drinking many sodas or want to bring your own, $5 will do). You may bring some goodies to share with the rest of us and part of your food fund contribution can be knocked off. Just let me know ahead of time what you're bringing so we don't have six bowls of jello salad. My personal preference is for zero bowls of jello salad. Tavern wenches are, of course, welcome in any quantity.

Rules: If you already know how to play, you should be set. The only change is that I'll have an exact schedule of blind increasement ready on the day of play. If you don't know how to play, show up a little early and someone will teach you the rules and play a couple of practice hands.

We will hopefully be borrowing chairs from D2 Interactive again.

Requests, suggestions, rants, and pleas for help go in the comment section.

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