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Possible Blinds Progressions

I want to test the waters on a few possible blinds progressions for the Poker Tournament that I'm holding on November 1st. I'll print out these progressions again when everyone gets here on the afternoon of the tourney and allow the attendees to vote on their preference. I will make the ultimate decision, but I would like to base this decision on your input.

Hour # Prog1 Prog2 Prog3 Prog4 Prog5 Prog6 Prog7
2 PM 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
3 PM 1/2 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4
4 PM 2/4 3/6 3/6 3/6 3/6 3/6 3/6
5 PM 4/8 5/10 4/8 4/8 5/10 4/8 4/8
6 PM 8/16 8/16 6/12 6/12 8/16 8/16 6/12
7 PM 8/16 10/20 9/18 10/20 13/26 15/30 10/20
8 PM 10/20 15/30 14/28 15/30 21/42 20/40 15/30
9 PM 10/20 20/40 20/40 20/40 34/68 35/70 25/50
10 PM 20/40 25/50 30/60 30/60 55/110 50/100 40/80
11 PM 40/80 30/60 47/94 50/100 79/158 80/160 75/130
12 PM 80/160 40/80 65/130 60/120 134/268 160/260 100/200
1 AM 160/320 50/100 79/158 80/160 213/426 200/400 150/300
2 AM 320/640 75/150 105/210 100/200 347/694 350/700 250/500

The first number in each cell is the small blind. The second number in each cell, after the slash sign, is the big blind. The first progression, Prog1, is sorta what we followed the first tourney, with obvious plateaus where we broke for dinner, and a couple of places where we reset the blinds that aren't marked on chart. The later hours are innumerated incorrectly because we increased the turn-over time to every 30 minutes or so. Even after resetting the blinds back to 10/20 when the final table started, the blinds still became obscenely high. You can imagine how much worse it would have gotten if we hadn't stopped to take large breaks and reset the timer.

With this next tourney, there will be no long dinner breaks and no resetting of the blind clock, so we have to pick a better pacing. Also, we're doing away with antes altogether.

The second progression, Prog2, is one I made somewhat freehand because the progression looked steady yet not too easy. It just looks right even at the later hours when other schemes have gotten too enormous. The main downfall of this scheme is perhaps that it's not aggressive enough and the game could wind up lasting far too long.

The third progression is based on a mathematical scheme in which the big blinds were calculated by adding...fuck, I forget. Jimmy did it, but I made the jagged odd numbers into even ones so that they could be halved for the small blinds.

The fourth progression is just the third progression softened by making them more betting friendly, like turning 9/18 into 10/20.

The fifth progression I actually do remember. The small blinds were calculated by adding the previous two numbers to get the third, such as adding 1 and 2 to get 3, 2 and 3 to get 5. These numbers were then doubled to get the big blinds. This scheme is obviously very aggressive, and although it looks intimidating, it will be sure that these blinds don't get quite this high unless we've been playing way too long.

The sixth progression is the fifth progression softened to make it more betting friendly. However, even softened, this scheme is will be very inflated and burdensome.

The seventh progression is the fifth progression over again, but this time using the original numbers rounded off as the big blinds rather than the small ones and then also greatly softened for betting ease.

My recommendation is Progression Two, but I do have worries that it might be too lax. If we can't come up with a better scheme, the only other option I can think of is to start the tournament earlier.

I would like your feedback on these schemes as well as recommendations for others.

Although I'm don't want to be too strict or rigorous in our schedule, I want to suggest that people take their bathroom and soda breaks while playing, such as after they've folded a hand so that we don't slow down the overall game or give some tables an advantage by not having to engage in as many hands. Also, a couple game-wide breaks per hour can be taken as long as they are not in excess for smokers get their fix. I don't want to be a schedule nazi. I just want to make sure people traveling long distances can get back on the road before 2 AM at the latest.

Could Jackson people please contact via phone or some other manner the following people who may/may not have seen my previous LJ post?

Andy what's his face (I think wyldkyss mentioned that he was interested in playing in the last one.
Kurt and Chris (Matthew said he'd invited them. I just want a pseudo-rsvp so I can calculate table space and chip counts.)
Kev (that's a hell of a trip, but he's always invited regardless.)
Charles (I don't know what the social comfort status is with everyone, but I would like him invited if it won't cause too much strife.)

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