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The Bumbling Pollster

I just got off the phone with The Bumbling Pollster.

Actually, he works for a marketing survey firm and couldn't give me the name of the organization who intiated the survey so that my opinions would not be compromised this knowledge. I don't see why. It was plainly obvious about a third of the way into the survey that it was generated by the campaign to elect Pat Lamar to the state legislature. It felt very manipulative, and if it wasn't for the impression I've gotten of Gray Tollison as a limitor of civil liberties, I wouldn't be voting for her.

I took the phone survey anyway if nothing else but because this poor pollster didn't know quite what to make of me.

He was amiable and obviously new at his job because about every third question he had to put me on hold and ask his supervisor or companion pollster how to record my lengthy and difficult-to-categorize answers. He spoke very quickly as if he was nervous, stumbled over his scripts, and talked slowly to himself as he spelled out and typed my responses.

I couldn't help giggling at him, like he'd make a terrifically bad choice in occupations. It was, at the very least, a humorous encounter.

I just finished watching the new laser scans of old deeper carvings from the inner circle of Stone Henge. Off to get some spinach feta cream soup from Old Venice.

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