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A Cow, a Matador, and a Man in a TuTu

Last Monday a Pentecostal missionary named Donnie Morris from Dublin, GA, showed up on campus and started spouting inflammatory religious comments to a quickly gathering crowd. Like most sidewalk Bible-beaters, he used anger-inciting language and accusations to snatch attention from the typical, "I'm-too-sleepy-to-walk" student zombies and campus sorority girls.

This type of incident isn't abnormal for college campuses. Ole Miss had a rather persistant black man who routinely dressed in a mock Civil War Confederate uniform and spouted his pride for and protection of his Southern heritage and right to wave the Confederate flag.

Mr. Morris, who travels to college campuses all over the country with his wife to bring students into "the fold", did attract a fairly large group of Ole Miss onlookers, alright, but not everything went according to his plans. There were a few interruptions. Most were typical, like the students bursting into the "Hotty Totty" chant and a few disagreeing students singing "What If God Was One of Us?".

However, one response was, shall we say, not so typical.

Perhaps the oddest incident was when a person dressed as a cow and being chased by someone dressed as a matador and another in a tutu was tackled in the middle of the group before running off behind the Union.

I've re-read the article three times and still can't stop laughing.

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