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Whistle While You Work

Apparently I wasn't all that bad substituting because they called me back to sub in the morning right next door.

More sixth graders, probably the same students.

Perhaps this time I'll show a tad more backbone. I realized by the end of the day the last time I subbed that I exhibit very little authority. I'm going to have to teach myself how.

Dave gave me a short overnight project from Oxford Publishing, which I got up at 4:30 this morning to work on since last night was so busy with Walmart, dinner, and bed. He also hints at more work to come later this week on a slightly more leisurely pace.

I am glad to have the work coming in, but it's not precisely the most convenient time. Finals are coming up, I have stacks of reading to do, a survey to build for my criminal justice class, law school applications, and I am desperately floundering to find time to build the library database for the local correctional facility (because I want to, I made the promise that I would, and to pad my resume for law school).

But I'm not really complaining. I feel more alive now.

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