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The Day After

While my birthday party on Saturday was fantastic and dinner with friends on the day of my birthday was nice, the day after my birthday is pretty spiffy, too.

First, we're going to see Return of the King tonight and having dinner after I get the last of my Christmas shopping done in Memphis.

Secondly (and this was entirely unexpected), it was announced this morning that Turbine is buying Asheron's Call back from Micro$oft, meaning that full business and development decision-making will be in the hands of the company that has lovingly built AC from the ground up. They've already announced that they will release an expansion and graphical updates!

From WarCry:
By now, you’ve seen the announcements and the press releases; Turbine is buying the Asheron’s Call franchise from Microsoft and taking over operation of the game. It’s true.

Now that you’ve had the chance to pick your jaw up off the floor, I’d like to take a moment to talk to you, our fans, on behalf of the team. We’re at the start of a very exciting and challenging time for AC1. Before I say anything else, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who play this game every month. It’s because of you, our loyal players, that we have this opportunity. So, to each and every one of you: Thanks. You rock.

You’ll notice that I described this time as both exciting and challenging. I’m not kidding. Don’t expect to see sweeping changes overnight; the transition period is going to take months. There is a whole customer service infrastructure to build out, new tools to be built, people to hire… it is going to take some doing. Right now, we don’t think all that is going to affect the monthly content greatly; the Content Team is going to continue working and delivering monthly updates during this period. Some months may be lighter in content than you’re used to, but we don’t think it will be extreme. If that has to change for any reason, we’ll let you know immediately.

I’m sure that as soon as you read this announcement, your first question was, “Will Turbine develop an expansion pack for AC1?”

Does Bobo like nanners?

Yes, we are going to be making an expansion pack for AC1. But I have to warn you, don’t expect it soon; it is a good ways off. Actual dates will be released later as we discuss with you what you want to see in it and firm up the design details. I can tell you this, though: Graphics update? You bet!

I know you have dozens, if not hundreds, of other questions about the transition and our plans for AC1. Jessica, myself, and other members of the team are going to be spending a lot of time addressing them with all of you in the next weeks and months. We’re asking you to be patient; we’re going to be very busy here over the coming weeks and months, but we promise we’ll be speaking with you regularly.

Once again, I want to say how excited the whole team is for this opportunity and how grateful we are that you’ll be along with us for the ride. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

See you in Dereth!



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