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Sangria and Mimosas

Anybody have a favorite sangria recipe they'd like to share?

I fell in lust with one recipe that I tried on Christmas Eve that my step-father got from a friend of his. Sangria always seemed like a lusty, decadent drink.

I plan on serving sangria along with mimosas and white Russians and any other recommendations/requests at a little New Year's Eve get-together at the house.

I'm driving kesterly to the airport in the morning so she can meet her family for whatever bowl game (you can see how much I care about football) Ole Miss is going to.

I'm checking out portable dishwashers on because the cost of labor and the loss of cabinet space to have someone build a hook-up for me to have a normal built-in dishwasher is too expensive. I originally planned to spend my Christmas/birthday money on a dining room table, but mama is giving me the one that belonged to her own Grandma, provided I promise to never get rid of it if I decide to get another one years down the road.

Not that it matters. This is all boring domestic stuff. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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