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The Sangria Recipe

Since a couple of you (namely birdofparadox and wyldkyss asked for it, here's the sangria recipe that I used for New Year's Eve.

Mix in a large container:
- 1 bottle Marques de Caceres (easy to find at a decent liquor store)
- 1 cup dark rum
- 1 cup orange juice
- 1 cup Sprite
- 1 cup sugar
- 1/4 cup lime juice
Pour into a pretty glass :)

zordac cooked a traditional New Year's Day dinner - black-eyed peas, cabbage with sausage and Spanish rice (which made the cabbage bearable), cornbread, and an enormous honey ham that alcamar brought. alcamar and Dave Winters joined us for dinner while starbuckaneer and Brooke showed up after dinner.

We watched a little bit of what TiVo brought home (poor little bugger is constantly overachieving. I think he fears his upcoming hard drive surgery and keeps recording things he'll know I like and want to see, thus pushing back his surgery date).

Then zordac broke down and bought at GameCube with a complimentary disk of the old Zelda games, so there will be much MarioKart: Double Dash and Godzilla multiplayer and even Eternal Darkness for me when it arrives.

I must suppress the urge to play the original Zelda game, which I never beat, never even got past the third triangle dungeon. I'll be spending the rest of this lazy week organizing the kitchen, office, and bedrooms to put away Christmas stuff and make my living space more logical and efficient.

I'm a picky, procrastinating, profectionist, so it usually takes a while.

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