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The Plans for Jimmy's Birthday

The Plans
Right. So. Here's the gig. zordac's birthday is tomorrow, January 29th. The Oxford crew will be taking him out to dinner on Friday night (figure it at sometime about 7-or-8ish with hanging out afterwards. Dunno where yet. I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Saturday morningish we'll drive down to visit the Jackson crew and play poker (low-stakes, non-tourney style), eat dinner, and generally make fun that's how it usually goes.

So far it's zordac, me, and kesterly driving down with alcamar and his girlfriend, Neely+baby, meeting us down there. All are invited for the Oxford Friday gig. For Saturday in Jackson, we'll be meetin' up for the poker playin' at everraven's house. As long as she's cool with you showin' up, I am, too.

Post here if you'd like to show up.

As for gifts (since birdofparadox has already asked), zordac is ridiculously hard to shop for. Any number of cool dvd's would work (just send me an icq or an email and I'll make sure he doesn't already have it). He doesn't read much unless you twist his arm, after which he thanks you for recommending something good. A hard-drive enclosure (just the enclosure, about 20 or 25 bucks at CompUSA or equivalent) like what we got for Will and alcamar for Christmas would be cool. If none of those sound good, just give him something that you want him to have. He'll just be happy to see you, and a gift is really just icing :)

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