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As the son of a son of sailor, I went out on the sea for adventure...

I will be away from my computer for a couple of weeks. I am currently posting from Hattiesburg. My mother, sister, grandmother and I will be driving to Galveston in the morning to board week-long cruise in the Caribbean.

I will keep my camera ready to take pictures of Captain Jack Sparrow to bring back for you guys.

Actually, if I find Cap'n Jack, he'll get me high tonight (Billy Joel reference) and you guys won't see me for even longer.

I'll be back about the 31st of May.

I've been somewhat dreading the trip until recently. Cruises are not fun places for fat people. We usually get to sit by the side of the pool, sweltering in the heat and watching other people swim. I do not even own a bathing suit and I refused to buy one. It would be a waste of money because I wouldn't wear it. I won't subject myself to such embarrassment. I have too much pride.

However, I have finally mostly gotten over sick feeling in my stomach and resolved myself to have fun anyway or at least try. We're all going together, just the girls, because for many many years it was just the three of us: Mama, Kelli, me. And we spent a lot time with Grandma. At least once a month we'd have her over for the weekend or we'd go visit her, which made it kind of my unit of immediate family. Most of the traveling I did outside of school and debate were with Grandma...long trips out west in long car trips or via train. We also went on little, inexpensive trips together. No father, no boyfriends, and not much money but it was beautiful. And most of our vacationing when I was younger was weekends spent on the coast at the house of family friends.

Now that Mama is remarried and does have money, we haven't had that as much anymore. There's always a person or three included that alters the situation enough that it doesn't feel the same. It's not bad, just different. However, that feeling of being united with the women in my immediate family is comforting to me and it will be nice to spend time with them on this cruise even though it will be nothing like the packed-sandwiches and generic Kool-aid trips to the Mississippi beach.

The ship will go by Key West where I intend to get drunk at Hemingway's bar, a few other islands, and place on the Mexican mainland (I think) where we'll be going to see some Mayan ruins (which I am excited about the most; I just hope it's not too touristified). There's a chance we'll go snorkeling but I can't do too much that's strenuous and we'll have to leave Grandma behind on the ship for some of it. And I'll be damned if I miss another chance to go para-sailing (I didn't get to go on my last day on the trip to Destin with kesterly's family).

I just hope we won't have any run-ins with large methane bubbles (one of the possible explanations for the missing boats of the Bermuda triangle). At least I won't have to worry about icebergs.

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