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Soap Crayons

Recently, all of my best ideas have come while in the shower.

I'm thinking about buying some soap crayons so I can write everything on the wall so I don't forget it by the time I finish shampooing my hair.

It feels so good to have Josie and the Pussycats (among every-bloody-thing else I've been missing for months, I'm just presently listening to Josie) back in my music collection. Glover copied over all of shasradio over onto zordac's new portable enclosed harddrive last weekend when we went down for their housewarming and beautiful surprise announcement. Having my music again feels like finding my favorite pair of blue jeans after having lost them for a year and discovering that they still fit.

Had a small poker game that ballooned into a sizable group. Was good fun.

One of the things about Oxford (being a college town that tends to collect some of the cool people and turn them into locals) that you just have to get used to when you live here is current of friends. Sometimes the tide brings new friends or returns old ones and sometimes the tide flows outward and it feels like everyone is moving away. And sometimes old ones return just in time for new ones to leave. I guess after living here so long, it's just something that you accept, very Zen-like, like you feel the world's impermanence but value both the things in front of you and the things far away.

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