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Race Car Colors (Wherein I shine a spotlight on a very shallow topic. Prepare to be blinded.)

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately, some before my cruise with Mama since I needed shorts and bathing suits, and some since the cruise where I won some money gambling.

In that time I've realized I tend to wear only a handful of colors, almost always solid. I've taken the calling them Race Car Colors: red, black, white, and gray (every shade of gray you can possibly imagine, I have in my closet).

Everytime I got back from the store and started showing off my loot, I saw that, while still lovely, they all belonged to the same semi-color-blind palette.

I used to wear more colors, others that just haven't been popular the last couple of years in the limited stores I can shop in: royal blue, navy, hunter green, olive, chocolate brown, bronze.

I love fall colors that Lane Bryant won't sell unless they put mix it all up horribly in a vomit-like mixture of paisley and pin-stripe.

I went out on a limb and bought a bright orange v-neck t-shirt and intentionally paired it with a pair of super-comfy olive slacks, just to force myself to accept that if I could wear that out in public, I could wear anything.

But until I can either shop in a greater variety of stores or Lane Bryant decides to quit laying on the cheeky housewife (which isn't so bad) or bad-seventies-sistah (not for me) montage, I'll be stuck with Jeff Gordon.

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