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Brooksie Power (Quotes from the Brink)

Friday, June 18th was Brooke's birthday. I sit here at my computer while the festivities are finally winding down. The last few stragglers are camped out in the office, curled up in each others laps and crammed between the paper-strewn desk tables and the precariously stacked bookshelves.

The alcohol and undercurrent of free love were flowing fast. We sang at the dinner table (Tequila's for dinner) and gave backrubs and bundled under blankets to hold back the air conditioned chill (at the house to hang out afterwards).

When singing swatches of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long", the waiter even jumped in to back me up with the back-beat "all night...all night..." Brooke alternated between the two songs have been stuck in head (and thus have been plaguing us the last two months, too, when she sang them...constantly), Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" and Manfred Mann's "Blinded by the Light".

Some new phrases were developed and used throughout the night:

schnucktafear - a misheard phrase that was Silent Dave's mumbling "don't get destructive here" when I accidentally kicked a computer at work. Schnucktafear is now a term to mean pretty much anything you want it to, most aptly used as a Germanic curse.

an open-faced looooooovvvvve sandwich - a chained hug of people sitting arm-in-arm at the long booth on the front window of Tequila's.

a Paulish sausage - alcamar's...ahem...member

schmuck-puppet - a name I coined for Brian Carter, a micro-managing, nit-picking client of D2's that won't.stop.making.changes.

We never got around to drinking the Irish Car Bombs, but plenty of Newcastle, Hornsby's draft cider, strawberry daquiries, kahlua and cream made with the last of my mother's homemade kahlua (1999), some orange kool-aid/blue curacao concoction.

I finally got to hear igorxa sing for the first time. He sang Happy Birthday and later a piece of an Italian opera. Talking and laughing and later some Wong Pai.

I got Brooke a brightly tie-dyed icing cake with Brooksie Power written on top and a 1965 Peanuts metal lunchbox, which I think she really dug since we had a long conversation about how her Fraggles metal lunchbox had been stolen when she was a kid and she had to go plastic ever since.

Brooke and Will are crashing in the spare bedroom and alcamar is hitting the couch. We'll probably all go see The Chronicles of Riddick tomorrow night.

Attendees, well, besides me and zordac, since we live here:
Brooke, Will, alcamar, kesterly, navydave, igorxa, starbuckanear, Silent Dave, and Ginger (another one, v. v. good friend of Brooke's)

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