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good news

Got a job: data entry at 5.50 an hour. Luckily, I can dress casually, have an automatic 25 hours a week and more if I wanted (but I don't). Perhaps I can also wriggle in my compact CD player and just jam to tunes every night.

Went to Tunica last night with friends. Won fifty dollars at blackjack and electronic poker. Had a nice time with friends I know well and getting to know new friends.

Still haven't figured out the living situation. I could live with my cousin (different cousin, not Angie whom I mentioned earlier) but it seems like neither she nor her parents like the idea. Something about my being a bad influence concerning study habits and late nights. Believe it or not, I am a very considerate person when it comes to my roommates. But now my pride is hurt a little. So fine, if they don't want help with the mortgage and utilities, so be it. There's no chance of my getting a private dorm room. Already checked. Maybe toward the middle of the semester something will open up but not likely since Housing has had to put people in temporary housing in the old Zeta house.

Miss my Matt.

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