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Poker, Elvis, Hair, and a Possible New LJ

I'm setting a date of July 17th for the next poker tournament.

There are no conflicts scheduling conflicts as far as I can see, except that igorxa and John and Liz will have already moved away. But then again, all three of them would have been mostly too busy getting ready to move to be able to play.

As for where, I have to talk to people in Jackson to see if I have a definite host. I'm accepting volunteers. Otherwise, it will be held at my house in Oxford.

Elvis Health Report
Elvis, my faithful Pontiac Bonneville of sixteen years, has been repaired and he didn't even need a new transmission. Thank you, Southland Body and Paint, for being the best damn mechanics I've ever used (yeah, I know, it's a paint and body shop, who knew? well, now you do.). Just a standard tune up, some new spark plug wires, and an engine coil.

What this means that trips to New Orleans and Jackson are fully on. I need to talk to everraven, damnit, but I keep missing her on icq. I'll just try to call her in the next couple of days.

I want to be able to do my hair like this. Does anyone know how to go about accomplishing it?

I know that if I wear this hair style, I must wear ruby lipstick, but I don't mind. I have ruby slippers to go with it.

A Possible New LJ
I discovered the other day that the owner of the ginger username at livejournal had been deleted and purged and thus opening it up for the taking.

I've seen some people get livejournal username changes. I've seriously thought about snatching up ginger either by creating a new account or applying for a name change. But I've been lost_angel for over three years now and I don't know how I feel about it.

Poll #313428 Identity

Which Username Should I Go With?

Stay with lost_angel.
Request a username change to ginger.
Snag the ginger username by making a new account but use the account for a secondary purpose.
Snag ginger and just squat on it for a while. It's your name anyway, damnit.
Your name is less important than your content when it comes to net identity. This is all very shallow and silly.
It doesn't matter. I'm still gonna call you Minty Fresh.

An apology to exblogger: I deleted the old entry and replaced the poll because my formatting screwed up the options. Please vote again, if you wish. Thank you for voting.

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