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I need you here with me, not way over in a bucket seat...

The last couple weeks have been weird, hectic and rushed yet sharp and a little desperate - I didn't want to miss anything, I wanted to remember it all, even while it was happening.

Two people whom I have grown to consider very good friends in a fairly short time have moved to Pennsylvania. The bunch of us, all the Oxford people (plus their many friends from other, sometimes overlapping circles), have been trying to spend as much time as possible visiting with them before they left and helping them move. Starting July 4th and stretching til the following Sunday, we saw them nearly every day, having dinner out (in one week, Ole Venice, Oxford Steak Company, The Mansion) and packing like fiends.

Here they are, John and Liz:
John and Liz at Ole Venice

Already, plans have been discussed about coordinating a trip to go see them, several of us renting a van and piling in for a short week to go visit. I know that it will happen, in some form, even though I'm bad at reaching out through correspondence. I don't want to lose touch with them, and I love roadtrips and romping around the country.

I've been spending my spare time futzing around with CSS and doing some page layouts for a couple of sites I'm working on, one of which is a semi-big-project for zordac and me. I'm excited about it, although I'm going to have to hurry up with the layout and start on the mega content for it.

The guy from the history department graduate school admissions kinda scared me. No, he did scare me. My GPA isn't good. My undergrad isn't in history. All of my other stuff must be very persuasive (he says my GRE is v. good at least), and I only have two professors with whom I feel comfortable asking for a letter of recommendation (one of whom I haven't spoken to in years). I need a third. I'm nervous about asking anyone else, because it's asking a favor of someone who might not have thought highly enough of me in the first place. everraven said she'd write one for me, but the admissions guy said that a lawyer's recommendation won't be as heavily weighed as a prof's. My academic performance, albeit it bright and beautiful in places and my intelligence unquestionable, has been inconsistent.

Anyway, he says there's still time. He says to apply and to hurry and get my GRE scores sent to their department. He says to get my recommendations in order and write my personal statement. I'm easily daunted though, scared by shadows and hints of failure. They're gonna tell me I'm not good, I suck as a human being, I should have been born a tree, I should just go get a job at McDonald's. Very pathetic.

But I'm on my way to Jackson for the whole weekend for poker and good company. Must dash and shower and pack and go pick up haabda's sister who's riding with me to catch a plane there. I hope I don't get everyone sick. Ever since the 4th where we were peppered with mosquito bites (itchy-mad ankles for days, absolutely horrible), we've passed around something that has been making everyone miserable, could be West Nile, could just be a cold.

So count the last week to the following things: friends (nearly every day), packing, web-design, worrying about last-minute graduate programs, a smattering of StarCraft that has taken root like a planter's wart again, blowing my nose every five minutes, and scratching.

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