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In the spirit of all nighters, drives across country, silly pit stops, mud riding, and wild detours to check out some cock-eyed Mississippi off-road oddity, I responded affirmatively to a call from Memphis at approximately 10:30 PM on Friday night.

The briefing: Wendy and Matt, the new Stine couple. A missing SUV, last known location is Hattiesburg, MS, some 350 miles from current position. Last seen a week ago when they left for their honeymoon.

The new couple is in dire need of an all-nighter, caffeine-wired, entertainment specialist and driver extraordinaire to facilitate the reclaiming of said vehicle. Job description includes keeping the driver awake at all times, making suggested stops along a well-known course, providing off-the-wall humor to keep it lively. Light driving required.

They know I do this kind of stupid shit all the time.

I am in.

This is my specialty. I am the Queen of the Road, master of the long-ass drive in the middle of the night, Expert all-nighter.

They arrive at midnight. We return 6 PM Saturday afternoon.

Mission accomplished.

Available "round the clock" for your road trip and late-night distraction needs.

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