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My House: The Hub of Exodus Routes - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
My House: The Hub of Exodus Routes
Thanks to igorxa, I now have a Gmail account. Bitches had already taken ginger and even windchaser (how could they?!), so I had to settle with: ginger.cox

The house has been packed the last week or so. We had Liz's little brother (Brandon) and his friend/ex-girlfriend (Mandy) over since Brandon would have had to sneak her into the dorm the whole time. So we offered her the spare bedroom. They mainly kept themselves entertained by playing with Kirk's magic cards and loafing around with the rest of us.

Shortly after I offered the bedroom to Mandy, igorxa needed a place to crash during his last few days in Oxford before moving on to Florida. He settled in and made the office his lair. He says the couch is comfortable, and I believe him based on the number of people who have napped on that self-same couch.

He was joy (yes, sounds like something your grandmother would say, but it's true) to have around, and we've spent the last couple weeks going to Two-Stick Tuesday Trivia, watching StarGate with the various people who've wandered in to catch up. Even Will has spent a moments when he had them hanging out. He also left today, for Nashville.

Dragan was in town for Winter's wedding, and it made me smile to see him. He's still the same. I probably am, too.

zordac and I have discovered online poker. Well, we didn't discover it, but we actually started playing it. He's won a lot. I've gotten so frustrated with bad players and people who stay in til the end, raising with ace high, and then outdrawing me at the river (with no chance of a flush or straight draw, just chasing a high pair) that I've written several pages of material for an article about things to watch out for in online play. It'll be one of the first articles I post on the website Jimmy and I are working on.

And now Jimmy has arrived with Chinese for dinner, and we're spending the evening alone, working and enjoying a bit of silence. It was a nice, fun week. I enjoy having so many people around, but it's wonderful to have a short break afterward.


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lyricalpink From: lyricalpink Date: August 4th, 2004 10:34 pm (UTC) (link)

i opted for ashley.tanner and my roommate for jane.lastname.

thus, i use it for all family/businessy things. connecting my family to anything 'lyricalpink' is likely a bad idea...
From: jerobo Date: August 9th, 2004 11:21 pm (UTC) (link)
Nd we all thank you for your time
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