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*cartwheels* One of our sites got slashdotted!!

zordac's got slashdotted today:!

Posted by michael on Friday September 03, @11:10AM
from the thar-be-pirates dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The US Copyright Office has proposed a new version of the Induce act. Under this new version it is apparently more difficult to bring charges against a company for inducement. Stories on the subject can be found at and at"

alcamar already posted this, but we don't have the exact same friends list. I'm bouncing off the walls! This is so exciting!

Of course, our comment spam has gone from zero to three or four per blog entry, but it's an acceptable sacrifice. Maybe now people will realize (and zordac will realize it himself, too) how knowledgible and cool and helpful and rewarding his new project is!

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