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URGENT: Plans for Jennifer's and Monkey's Birthdays

kesterly's (Jennifer's) and navydave's (Monkey's) birthdays are today, Friday, September 10th.

Today at 1 PM, several of us are heading up to Memphis to do some shopping for the afternoon. My sister has to get some shoes and pants before she leaves the country and Jennifer never needs an excuse to shop.

It'll be me, Kelli (sister), Jennifer, Brooke and Ginger Garrison heading up there for the afternoon.

Jennifer really wants to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse and would prefer to see it in either Memphis or Desoto county for the larger, nicer screens. I know that Monkey wasn't too keen on heading out of town for dinner and a movie, but I wonder if he could be persuaded since Saturday night will contain festivities, too.

Saturday evening, my mother and step-father will be in town to visit. I will be spending the majority of the early evening with them, but they usually go to bed at 10:30 or 11:00, which means I could either start or join the festivities after that. I offered to throw a party at our house for them but Monkey seemed more interested in having it at his house so that the longest distance he needed to cross safely was the stretch of carpet to his bedroom.

So unless there are any objections, there will be a party at Monkey's house on Saturday night, starting whenever. I'll have more specifics on that tomorrow. If it's not at Monkey's house, it'll be at mine.

Edit: I'm leaving my cell phone for Jimmy to take to Jackson with him. We'll have Jennifer's, Brooke's and Kelli's cells on us instead.

I smell like bleach and dishwater. Egh.

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