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Movie Night

Tonight was movie night. We watched Jersey Girl.

I got to meet for the first time a few people from my livejournal friends list: the lovely hostess gothicbeauty21, her roomie cryonic2099, and her boyfriend crispycreme (who isn't on my friends list, for some reason. I guess I just never added him.). Oh, and her four kickass kitties.

A couple of quotes from tonight.

Silly Americans, imperialism is for Brits. -zordac
After returning home to meet Kirk, speaking of the United States' psuedo-occupation of Iraq.

I have a fluids test tomorrow. -navydave
No, not a pee test, a fluid-dynamics test. But it was fun listening to Dave trying to explain himself afterwards.

There was more, but I'm pretty distracted right now. Watching the guys play Worms 3D and updating a couple of websites.

Life has been eh, but tonight was fun.

But I like this website because they told me:
lost_angel, Your ideal job is a God.

Perhaps that's because I managed to score 43 million in Space Cadet pinball the other morning when I should have been sleeping.

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