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Boycotting Walmart, Part One

Many of you already know that zordac and I are boycotting Walmart. We've been doing so since about the middle of spring (six months or more). We're not in people's faces about it. We don't expect other people to do the same, but if people ask us why, we tell them. Usually people scoff and wonder if it's even possible to do so, how we manage to find all the things we need or how we deal with such an inconvenience.

But what's interesting, is that after more than six months of doing this, it feels like any other successful and worthwhile lifestyle change. Not only do I still think the decision is right, but I don't even miss the old way of doing things.

Jimmy and I spend less time and less money every month on groceries and household items than I did when I was shopping at Walmart. I am less inconvenienced now than when I was before. I don't positively dread going to the store anymore or put off shopping for weeks. I've saved money, time, and feel a hundred times better about my brief moments with necessary consumerism.

When I run into Kroger or Big Star or Winn Dixie (before it closed, yet another Walmart example), I'm out in about half the time that it took me to go to Walmart. What I can't buy at the grocery store or is too expensive, I buy at Fred's or Walgreens or any of the dollar stores.

I might be paying a few pennies more per grocery item I buy, but I'm buying significantly fewer items overall by cutting out a lot of the impulse purchases that Walmart seems to thrive on.

Have you ever walked into Walmart with a ten item list and come out with twenty-eight things, most of which were things you didn't realize you needed? Guess what? Most of those things you still don't need. If you did, you'd have put them on your list to begin with. Impulse buying isn't necessarily an issue of Walmart, but it's a problem that is only heightened by having to walk around a four acre warehouse store and stand for a half hour in the check-out line.

I'll explain in another post why we're boycotting Walmart, but right now I'm posting for a different reason. starflare and navydave borrowed the truck on Sunday night to go buy a television from Walmart. I don't normally tell people that they shouldn't shop at Walmart, but I suggested to Monkey (since he shares the same opinion about Walmart with me) that if it was his money, he should wait and buy a t.v. from somewhere else.

Well, it was starflare's purchase so he argued that there was no where else in Oxford to buy a television. I was a little stumped because we normally make bigger electronic purchases like that at places like Best Buy or shop online where we can price-compare. He argued that those companies are just as negative toward workers' unions as Walmart is.

But zordac made another suggestion later. Any number of televisions can be bought at the Sears major appliances store or the Radio Shack here in town, and they are both locally owned. And if the model that starflare wanted wasn't available, Sears or Radio Shack both would happily have ordered the model he wanted.

It's just sad that we've convinced ourselves that Walmart is the only place to find certain things anymore, from televisions to art supplies. Even when there are multiple store options right in the small town where you live, you still sometimes think that Walmart is the only place you can find it.

And that's terrifying.

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