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Poker Strategy Books...Making the Call for Help

Have any of you out there (or any of your friends who aren't on livejournal) read any poker strategy books? I know that kesterly owns a couple of them.

One of (which is creeping along but still growing) is reviews of poker strategy books.

I was wondering two things:

1) If you've read a poker strategy book, could you tell me about it, give me enough information to write a review of it? Or if you feel more comfortable, writing and submitting a review yourself (I'll give you full acknowledgment, of course!)?

2) If you own a poker strategy book, loaning it to me so I can read it and write a review?

I'm also writing articles (I'm a slow writer; it makes me doubt myself, too). Currently I'm trying to cover as many of the bases as possible of online play (since I got my tail kicked online many times). If any of you would be interested in submitting an article on any aspect of poker, I'd love to have the help. I can't pay you, but I can sing your praises.

Eh, that's about it. I'm just plugging along and wishing I knew php so I didn't have to ask Jimmy once a day how to do something specific that needs to be built in php.

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