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Brooke's Moving In

Brooke's moving in with us.

It was inevitable.

She's already over here all the time so she might as well. Her mother finally saw where she lived, the weeping concrete walls and moldy skin, and almost cried.

It's not going to happen all at once. It'll happen at about the speed of an old man with a bladder infection taking a leak. zordac and I have gotten used to a slight sprawl, rooms with defined purposes, and lots of closet space. There has to be a house-wide purge of a few boxes and computer parts and unnecessary furniture.

The piles of computer components that have been on the floor of the office ready for Jimmy to go through will finally get done, damnit. Duplicated housewares will be given away. I have a lot of boxes of memoirs and to-eventually-be-scrapbooked things that could at least be crammed closer together.

I'd like to find my old recliner a new home instead of dumping it somewhere. I'm a little sentimental about it; it was a favorite sleeping spot for Bobby (my old cat) and Sebastian took a bit of a fancy to it, too. It's over ten years old but it's still in good condition (seriously). If anyone wants a tan upholstered, swivel reclining rocker, it's up for grabs.

It'll be odd not having a rocking chair somewhere in the house. That's a first for me.

Jimmy's exercise bike will be probably be leaving, too, although not immediately. Jimmy knows he doesn't use it and has been seriously contemplating a gym membership for months. It's just a bit regretful seeing potentially useful and money-saving items get tossed.

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