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See! I knew that a real human being could have hair that color, not just a 'toon like Jessica Rabbit.

I want hair the color of Josie's from the movie Josie and the Pussycats. That's the color I wanted originally, but I don't have the money to have mine dyed professionally and the do-it-yourself storebrand colors fade and leave only the hot pink streaks of color where my natural blond highlights used to be.

And whoever the girl is who played Josie is really sexy. There was just something about her face that just made her really....just wow. I like how they (the movie make-up people) did her make-up. Duplication might not be possible but learning some techniques from the movie is a definite possibility.

Not that I will try to mimic her look. It wouldn't suit me, but I think it's both wise and effective to find something(s) that you like and see how you can make them your own.

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