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Matter and Energy, Food and Sleep

An old friend from my first few years in college, Colin Osterman and gsan's first-year roommate, once told me his method for, well, living, but at that time living was done in the form of frequent all-nighters, empty pockets, and general stress.

I substitute food for sleep and sleep for food, whichever is less.

And it made sense, and still does, despite the tendency for me to get drowsy after eating. I just seemed right in a "matter and energy are interchangeable" sort of way.

I still stay up late at night and often pull all-nighters, generally to straighten out my sleep schedule after falling into a nocturnal pattern. Usually I don't make it as long, though, because I don't have that intensity, that focus to finish anymore.

But the axiom has still stuck with me even though I feel my body aging more quickly because of weight and mental sluggishness. It remember Colin's exchange rate because I never broke those sleeping patterns and habits and while my body rebels against me.

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