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Doomsday Ginger

Wow, I just remembered my dream from last night. It involved my friends and family and fleeing from the Zerg.

Yes, that's right. I said Zerg, and I haven't even played Starcraft since this past weekend.

I convinced everyone to break from the road that people were fleeing on and running into the woods instead. We found a hidden bunker/shed of wraith ships. Some hydras broke off the path and went after us but I, along with a few other people (there were four ships), jumped in the ships and killed them.

The rest of the military fought off the attack so we built a house right near the bunker and regrouped for the next attack (we knew it would come).

There was more to the dream, but the rest of it was odd little details and interactions.

But as usual, my dream involved being chased by something that intended to destroy or hurt me and my fleeing to protect either myself or the people I love.

You guys do realize that I have a whole plan mapped out in case there's a nuclear holocaust, right? Don't believe me? Ask me about it sometime.

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