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Achy Breaky DVD Rack

I don't know if it was the pre-conditioner or the fact that I used gel stain, but the Brazilian rosewood stain I applied to the DVD rack didn't take. Even Jimmy went behind me and did another coat. It looks wretched.

And I have a frustrated feeling of wasting time and money on this never-ending project. A couple weekends ago, I had to re-putty it because Jimmy's bending some of the nails back caused the original putty to crack.

I was so close to being finished and now I'm either going to have to sand it down and restain (luckily I only did one side and I don't have to sand the whole thing again!) or paint it. All of which means I have to go buy another pack of sandpaper and new stain/paint. It never ends!

But if I knew I was going to be painting it, I'd have saved myself A LOT of trouble and made the damn thing out of MDF and never had to worry about all the blasted sanding.

I've also remembered how much of a perfectionist I am, whether it's writing or working or building or drawing or doing chores. In addition to my problem of getting distracted, it also takes me twice as long because of my urge to make it perfect. I've overcome it in some areas (especially the chores bit, because otherwise they'd never get done, and casual posting in livejournal), but it's still there especially in sewing and new projects I'd never tried before like this DVD rack.

At least I've been physically active every day for the last three days. I worked a lot this weekend, even though it seems like most of the work was wasted since I have to redo it. I'm achy all over, back and arms and shoulders and thighs. But it's a nice feeling.

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