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My left-hand ring finger is bright purple, well one splotch is bright… - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
My left-hand ring finger is bright purple, well one splotch is bright purple. Let's hope it doesn't hurt my typing skills tomorrow for work.

What happened: My friend Monkey Dave is an engineering major. He been interested in setting up an experiment that involves creating a generator with some really heavy-duty magnets. Well, he has some ultra-strength magnets that aren't as strong as the ones he needs but are still really cool. You can attach a thick textbook to the refrigerator with one of these guys. Well he handed me a couple to play with, and despite the warning that I might hurt myself, I managed to accidentally let one go and it smashed the bejezus of my poor finger. It's not damaged but it is swelling a bit.

In a way, it's kinda cool, an injury from a mad science experiment!

Oh, and provided my driving record and insurance meet their standards (I'm sure it will.), I'll have a job at Domino's. None of this "hold your pee until your one break a night", "no talking", production-production-production, back-achin' all the time, monotonous, tedious, frustrating and headache-giving bullshit. I even got a compliment today from the lady that hired me. I was too busy typing to really give her much attention while she was talking to me, but I think she just interpreted it as my being shy. Oh well, I won't be there much longer. I'll know something perhaps tomorrow and Monday at the latest.

Elvis (my car) is going to get quite a work-out this fall.

mood: headachy
music: Foo Fighters - "My Hero"

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