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DVD Rack and French Bread Pizza

While I was sanding down the dvd rack last night (at a snail's pace because I bought sandpaper with too fine a grit), navydave tried the gel stain on a spare piece of wood. And it took, beautifully.

So I wager it was the pre-conditioner I used. Sadly, I applied the conditioner to the entire dvd rack since I had anticipated staining the whole thing. This is one time I wish I'd followed the blasted directions and tested a small patch to see if it worked first. I'm hoping that it will have been long enough (it has been two days; the conditioner said to stain within two hours) that the conditioner will no longer affect the stain. I will try it on a small patch on the inside.

I'm going to finish this bastard by the end of this weekend if it kills me.

Fixed french bread pizza for Brooke and me last night. It was the first time I'd had it since junior high. The only pizza sauce I could find was Kroger-brand. I wonder why no one sells it anymore, or maybe I just didn't see it.

I am glad to be awake in the early mornings again.

I had a more to write than just an update, but I'm hungry and don't want to lose the rest of the work morning.

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