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In Case We Haven't Told You Already...

We're having a party for New Years. The thing should last all day and into the night. It's not only a New Years celebration but also a welcome home/we miss you party for John and Liz.

Jimmy's buying shrimp and crab boil. He's already bought an enormous turkey fryer/crab boiler to set up outside. It's being shipped now.

If you can read this, you're invited. We've already got several RSVP's, a couple of maybes, and a lot of interest.

everraven mentioned something about possibly coming up, hence why I posted this. Out-of-towners are welcome. Our extra bed space is spoken for, but several other people in town have crash space (including kesterly, so I know we should have enough space to put everyone who wants to come.

I need help convincing either navydave to stay in town or igorxa to come up here that weekend.

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