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A wave from the end of the driveway

After a full weekend of relaxation, flirting, teasing, and renewed intimacy, I walked Matt to his Blazer at the end of the driveway and waved goodbye when he drove off for the long trip back to Atlanta.

We honestly had a wonderful weekend. He didn't have any major fights, he finally met my friends Matt and Wendy Stine, we spent some time in Beale Street in Memphis, and just chilled. I was very happy that he finally agreed to meet some of my friends and I think he had a great time doing it to boot! :) This definitely recharged me with a feeling that it is going to work for us, that he is going to start sharing parts of my life with me. I'm doing everything I can when he is here to pad the situations and make that as easy and comfortable as possible.

There is hope, refreshing and calming. There is time left to rekindle this relationship before the end of the semester and I have to figure out what I'm doing with my life and we have to make life decisions on where we want to live and do career-wise.

I still hate those waves from the end of the driveway, saying goodbye again for another month of separation.

But this time, saying goodbye wasn't so bad. He promised he'd be back soon and we've both got things in our lives to keep us busy and more fulfilled until we're able to see each other again.

I hope, as dangerous as hope can be, I continue to hope.

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