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Jack Binion World Poker Open

This week is the Jack Binion World Poker Open in Tunica, MS. As many of you know, last year kesterly and I attended the Ladies Limit Tournament with a buy-in of $200. They have many many more tournaments besides the big WPT event at the end, including constant small buy-in satellites throughout the month. This is the last weekend of it.

I just called the tournament floor to get a schedule of the events and I'm about to post them on I know most of you are fairly busy and working normal hour jobs, but if anyone wanted to go, leave a comment or email me, and we'll make a trip of it. I have some Christmas money I might be using to buy into some of the smaller tournaments.

Here is the normal event schedule, but I wanted to post in big bold print that there are low buy-in satellites running constantly on the Gold Strike casino floor to qualify for the WPO final. They're running single table and multi-table options constantly, so go show up. Now, I tell you! You don't need to pre-register or anything. Just show up, sign up for the next satellite, and play. This is what I'm planning to do if I can get up there.

Now for the rest of the schedule, which takes place at the Horseshoe.

18th (today) - Pot Limit Hold 'Em - $2000 buy-in
19th (Wed) - Limit Hold 'Em - $1500
20th (Thurs) - No Limit Hold 'Em - $2000
21st (Fri) - Limit Hold 'Em - $3000
22nd (Sat) - No Limit Hold 'Em - $3000
23rd (Sun) - Ladies Limit Tournament - $200 + $25 registration fee
24th (Mon) - No Limit World Poker Open Final (the big WPT event) - $10,000

I don't know the start times; I'm sorry. If any of this information is inaccurate, I apologize for the conversation I had with Dale took place on the loud poker room floor. Call 1-800-303-SHOE (7463) or leave a comment to contact me. Email is also an option.

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