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Birthday Plans, Poker, and French Palmiers

This weekend is zordac's and frolicswllamas birthday.

Friday I will be with zordac to spend the evening as he pleases.

But Saturday! Oh, Saturday, there will be poker!

What: The SRPTM (Semi-Regular Poker Tournament of Mississippi) is now renamed to the Herren Invitational in honor of our friends, John and Liz, whom we miss and wish could always be at the poker table with us.

Where: Our house. If you don't know how to get here, email and I'll send you directions.

When: Doors open at noon. Registration starts at 2PM. Game starts promptly at 3PM.

Specifics: $20 buy-in (negotiable if people want to play for more). No rebuys. I will have a blinds schedule and rules posted for all to see when people arrive.

Dinner: Still have to figure this out, but we're not cooking because it leaves Jimmy with having to manage the grill. Either someone else can grill/clean or we order in or we all go out. Either way, we'll make time for a healthy dinner break.

Bring: Your buy-in money, money for dinner, $3 for the house if you plan on raiding the soda fridge (this excludes the birthday girl).

Accommodations: If gigafive plans on attending, I'm giving her priority arrangements. Depending on if she's fine with the office couch, the middle bedroom is also available for sleepage. Inquire in the comment section or make arrangements with another party.

As an aside, we have a new bakery/coffeeshop/sandwich shop available in town called the San Francisco Bread Company that makes enormous French Palmiers, that slightly sweet, flaky goodness I learned to love in mini-form in Japan. I've never been able to find any in town. I had one this morning. It was blissful.


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