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My Glasses! I Can't See Anything Without My Glasses!

I'm in a similar predicament as jopasm. My glasses are a very old prescription (5 years or more). I have contacts, too, but I wear my glasses about as often as I do my contacts. I've updated my contacts prescription twice since my glasses because they are so much more expensive and my doctor said that it's sometimes better not to focus on the computer screen too much.

I rolled over on top of them while in bed yesterday afternoon and smoooshed them all to bits. I've done this before, bent them back, and worn them in all their crooked splendor. But I'm breaking down and getting some. I'll probably take Brooke with me to help me judge on how the frames look, although sometimes we disagree on aesthetics. Perhaps I should go alone instead.

I haven't been to any of the optometrists in the area. I didn't even know there was a lens crafters. jopasm says the ones he picked out were $100 cheaper at Walmart. Although I'm going to check everywhere else first, I'm sorely and ashamedly tempted to let cost me my decider. Whereas groceries and other small good sometimes have no more than 30-cents to a dollar's difference between the prices at Kroger and Walmart, $100 is a much bigger difference.

I was comforted when I went to my eye doctor (who is my favorite of all time; he's an mmorpg gamer, charming, intelligent, and funny) whose office is in Walmart and dicovered that he only leases the building from them. He doesn't actually work for them at all, which makes me happy. I didn't want to have to find a new eye doctor when I like him so much.

I don't know why I'm actually posting about this. I've got about a thirty other larger, more important things to talk about than this that I've just not taken the time to write. I suppose the difference is that this doesn't take much thought and jopasm opened the conversation on his journal earlier. I figured if I was talking so long to write a comment, I could make it into an entry and update my sorely-neglected journal.

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