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Announcement & Questions & Guilt

Who is going to be in town this weekend? There are two things I'm trying to plan. Tomorrow night, Will and Brooke want to do something tonight (Friday night) hang out and eat brie, apples and nuts or some such foraged items and wine, which isn't foraged at all, except from the liquor store. I'm not sure how much time Jimmy will be able to spend with us, but I know that he'll be around for some of it.

Second, Julie and Amber will be coming into town and spending the night Saturday night. I hope to go to the Clay Canvas during the day on Saturday and then do whatever may be fun and interesting for Amber and then adults after she goes to sleep.

And just in case anyone missed it (that whole missing-passport-then-finding-it-right-where-I'd-left-it business), I'm going to Wales, Scotland and London with my mother next week, to visit my sister. Leaving this Wednesday then coming back on Easter Sunday a week and a half later. Anyone who has been to Wales (staying in Swansea), Scotland (staying in Edinburgh) and London (staying, well, in London), please drop some recommendations on places to visit? There's still plenty of wiggle room in the schedule we've made for ourselves.

I'm plagued with a gripping guilt that I don't deserve to go on this trip. I worry that I didn't deserve to go on any of the other trips I've taken abroad (China, Japan) that were virtually paid for by the Croft Institute. There are so many people who work hard all their lives and never get to visit other countries, or even other places in their own country. There are many hard workers, dedicated workers, (I'm thinking a lot of Jimmy when I talk about this) who deserve this trip more than I do. I'm afraid I'm squandering everything I have or have been given or have earned in this past but no longer deserve.

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