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I have a habit. I don't know if it's a good or a bad one. I write little snippets of thoughts on stray bits of paper, just passing thoughts, essay or journal entry subjects, amusing observations, zippy titles, bits of phrase, quirky characters, and ideas I intend to more fully develop later when I have the time. Sometimes I use the same paper and the whole mass looks like a badly planned urban spiderweb development, prepositional phrases curling in on themselves like bound Chinese feet as they hem in another idea, separate idea. I'm probably just flattering myself that they should even be recorded.

I try to explicit in my jotting, so that if I don't see the note for another year, I'll still know what I was thinking, even if I'd forgotten. It doesn't always work like like porn, lots of action and only the tiniest bit thread of plot to tie it all together; it's like the flour to hold your sugar cookies together. I have no idea what I was comparing to porn at the time, but that's all I've got left of it now.

Others just get ignored; the topics don't stand the test of a few hours wait and were merely passing interest and only to me. Yet, there were others still that nag at me, that still nudge me to write even after months or years of dormancy. I'm sure I rob them of their power and immediacy by not writing when I have them.

Here are some of the ones that I do remember to try to write about. I'm putting them here so I can throw the scraps away. If you see one you think you'd like to read, let me know, and I might actually get around to it faster than never.
  • more people should wear hats and carry umbrellas, even when it's not raining
  • I replay frustrating social scenes in finitum in my head, I can't let them go, especially if I was embarrassed and thought of a witty response too late
  • video games are the new storytelling device, allowing the tradition, albeit altered, of passing down stories
  • my ability to lie, that I've honed over the years, has at times been a point of pride in the talent (gift?) but disgust that for a long time it was second nature to me, even when I didn't have to or didn't want to lie. I've broken the habit, but I still know it's there, somewhere, if I need it.
  • Bicycle on 92.1, the DJ accidentally let Queen's Bicycle play on repeat for over an hour one afternoon, I didn't stop smiling for a week
  • more smiles: seniors playing in a casino slot tournament, pounding buttons to The Hustle with play by play announcements from an older, remale emcee; graffiti on railroad boxcars, traveling the country; casinos are the highest concentration of retirees on scooters in the world
  • When I was a child and even more desirous to impress than I am today, I sometimes stole other people's stories and retold them as my own
  • why fat people don't like to go on cruises (that should date this one to about a year ago)
  • why the LSAC (law school admin council) is a total racket, and that setting up your own racket is still the most dependable way to earn money

There are so many more, hundreds, but I can't include them all here and they're not all interesting either. I also should sleep I'm putting the rest under private and perhaps posting them later if they make the cut. I've already done this before only they were all posted under private settings. Maybe by putting them in my journal this go-round, I'm one step closer to actually writing some of them. Still others have to bide their time until I actually use the character, the quirk, or the title in story.

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