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Death Comes For Us All.

I watched Supervolcano about Yellowstone with zordac tonight. I know it was a highly dramatic and commercialized version, but it still got to me. I know too that it will happen eventually but that Mississippi is out of the immediate-death range. I've always been very sensitive to ELE, natural disaster, nuclear-disaster, alien-invasion, and civilization-ending stories. I think it's because of the sense of helplessness and inevitability.

But I'm still revising my natural-disaster/flee from death plan in my head. I'm watching interior design shows and eating ice cream now to try to get my brain to shut off.

frolicswllamas, I'm afraid I can't let you move to Wyoming. You'll just have to learn how to breed llamas here in Mississippi. Mississippi should be fine for ranching anyhow. Yes. No Wyoming. Or Montana. Or anywhere northwest of Oxford, MS, USA.

I'm going to join Curves with Brooke. The Curves website says there's one on North Lamar. Hopefully we can go sometime this week to set up an appointment.

zordac got a good chuckle at me tonight. We've had a couple of wasps in our house lately. They've returned to live in our deck railing again after the weather started to get warmer. Normally, I'd ask Jimmy to kill the wasp, but tonight one of them got on Izzy's back and was trying to sting her. Without thinking, I started cussing at it and slapped it off with a towel and crushed it between my the towel and my hands. It still didn't die quickly enough so I dumped it out on the floor and stomped on it. Nothing better hurt my Izzy.

Oh, it's kirk_daniel's birthday is this Saturday. kesterly, Brooke, and I won't be here and I think frolicswllamas and navydave will be gone, too. Perhaps we can celebrate Thursday night or early next week? stephaneyney, what do you think?

I know I promised to post pictures from my trip. I promise that will still happen. I've just been doing other stuff. I just need to finish my paper journal entries from the trip first before I forget them.

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