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Weekend Plans

Bless me, livejournal, for I have sinned. It's been two weeks since my last entry.

Alas, this post is all business and no introspection.

Tonight: I'm going to Jackson to celebrate birdofparadox's and rag's impending nuptials. I'll probably drive back again tonight because I haven't been sleeping well at night lately.

Saturday late morning and early afternoon may be spent at the Double Decker Festival on the Oxford Square.

Saturday night, after everyone is tired of Double Decker, I'll be hosting a poker game at the house. This will probably start sometime around seven or eight PM. I have to get in touch with Brooke today to make sure that her friend/classmate knows that we'll be playing. He specifically requested to play with us since he wants to improve his game. I think it will be nice to play again and to have fresh meat. I'd like to get a head count of those who are interested in playing so I know if we have enough people. Please leave a comment to confirm or deny your attendance.

Sunday day, Jimmy and I will be helping kirk_daniel and stephaneyney move into their new place. We'll be taking off a couple hours in the middle to play in a free WSOP satellite that we qualified for.

Sunday night will be spent recovering from the weekend.

I completely forgot about the movies I wanted to see this weekend, particularly Hitchiker's Guide but also War of the Worlds. It'll just have to wait til next week I guess or Sunday night if moving is finished early (but not likely).

What is everyone else doing?

I am in desperate need of a haircut before I leave for Jackson and Alice & Co. and Cicada both are booked solid. Does anyone else get their hair cut locally? What salon do you use?

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